Emergency Preparedness & Planning

We don’t just plan for the big one, we plan for everyone.

If you think about it, what water providers do every day, helps to prepare us for future emergencies. Members of the Regional Water Providers Consortium work together to plan for events that could impact your water supply, because our job is to make sure water is there for you when you need it – even during an emergency.

By replacing old lines, conducting routine maintenance, planning for future supplies, monitoring watersheds and meeting regulatory requirements, water providers are not just ready for the “big one" they are ready for “everyone.”

Here are some things that the Consortium is doing to be prepared - for everyone:

  • Received about a million dollars in federal homeland security grants to purchase emergency water treatment and distribution equipment and fund a regional interconnections study
  • Equipment includes:
    • Emergency water distribution systems that are located around the region and provide bags of clean water to citizens during an emergency
    • Portable water treatment systems
    • Reels of portable pipe for emergency interconnections
    • Portable light plants, variable message boards, incident response trucks and other equipment to help water providers repair the water system
  • Identified all regional interconnections in the region to identify how water can be moved around the region in the event a water source or regional system is disrupted
  • Train together and hold drills to test and practice on equipment
  • Have mutual aid agreements and meet regularly to share information and build relationships
  • Participate in regional emergency preparedness efforts with other agencies and disciplines
  • Prepare and update emergency response plans and vulnerability assessments