Indoor Water Conservation Tips

Here are some tips to help you save time, water, and money:

  1. Done with your holiday baking? Use your leftover food coloring to check your toilet for leaks.
  2. Freeze the grease instead pouring it down the drain and letting the water run. Keep your kitchen sink draining well by this holiday season by pouring all cooking grease into a can, freezing it, and then tossing the frozen contents into the trash.
  3. Know where and how to turn off your home's water supply in case of emergencies. If a pipe bursts anywhere in the house the master water shut-off valve turns it off.
  4. Winterize your home. Icy weather can wreak havoc on water pipes. Avoid the expense and inconvenience of frozen pipes during an extended cold spell with these quick and easy winterizing tips.
  5. Scrape instead of pre-rinsing. Save yourself up to 20 gallons of water by scraping food off your dishes instead of pre-rinsing them. ENERGYSTAR qualified dishwashers and today’s detergents are designed to do the cleaning so you don’t have to. If your dirty dishes sit overnight, use your dishwasher’s rinse feature. It uses a fraction of the water needed to hand rinse.

  6. Deck your faucets with high efficiency aerators. Installing an aerator on your bathroom or kitchen faucet and save about 1 gallon per minute each time you run them. An aerator reduces the flow from the faucet, and uses air to maintain good water pressure.

  7. Wash only full loads. Clothes and dishwashers use about the same amount of energy and water regardless of the number of clothes or dishes inside, so run full loads whenever possible.

  8. Let your dishwasher do the work. The average dishwasher uses about 10 gallons or less per load.  Many kitchen faucets use the same amount of water by running for just four minutes. So, let your dishwasher do the work!

  9. Use the microwave, a bowl of water, or place frozen food in fridge overnight instead of running the tap to thaw it out. You'll save about two gallons of water for each minute the faucet does not run.

  10. Wash fewer dishes. Using one glass all day will mean less dishes to do. Especially if everyone joins in!

DIEZ maneras de conservar el agua en interiores

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