Indoor water usage, unlike outdoors, is largely the same year-round.

That's good news, because it means a few water-saving measures can have a large cumulative effect on your total in-home water use.

Other water conservation resources:

  • How to videos: Get step-by-step instructions and tips to save you water indoors and out.  
  • Rebates and conservation devices: Many water providers offer rebates for appliances such as toilets, washers, and irrigation systems. Conservation devices are also often available free to customers upon request.
  • WaterSense: The EPA’s WaterSense program offers consumers a simple way to make product choices that use less water with no sacrifice to quality or product performance. Current indoor products include: bathroom faucets, showerheads, high efficiency toilets, and urinals.
  • Indoor tips: Many times making small changes to your daily habits can mean big water savings. Here are 10 tips for efficient indoor water use.
  • Use the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s water calculator to get an estimate of how much water your household uses. The calculator also compares your estimated water usage to an average home and a highly efficient home.