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School's out, now what?

For many families, summer means fun, sun, and vacations.  And, from splashing in pools to watering flowers and washing cars, summer also brings more water use by Oregonians than any other time of year.

As a result, summer is a great time to teach kids about how and why to use water wisely. Here are ways to get you started:

Start a discussion with your kids about your water and where it comes from. Learn more about your water supply here and then contact your water provider to see if they have additional resources or opportunities to learn more about your specific water supply.

One great thing about water conservation is that everyone can do their part. Take a moment to walk through your family's daily activities - brushing teeth, washing up, flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering lawns or gardens - and identify ways each of you can conserve water. Use these indoor and outdoor tips to kick off your conversation.

The average U.S. family uses 100 gallons of water per person per day - about enough to fill a small kiddie pool. Next time your kids have a swim party or take a run through the sprinklers, use it as an opportunity to help them understand how much water they use each day. Use this water use calculator to tally up your results, or take a look at your water bill and see how much you actually use as a family.