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Traveling with kids? Let us help you keep them happy and you keep your sanity.

Need a game to play with the kids while running errands or traveling this holiday season?

Why not play a game of water-focused "I Spy"?  
Since water comes in three states - liquid, gas (steam), and solid (ice) - there are sure to be many ways you can spot it while you are out and about. 

How to play:  

  • Take turns spotting water in its three states.  
  • Once you spot it, say "I spy with my little eye (liquid, gas or solid water)."  
  • The other players then guess what you have spied (e.g. a puddle, steam on a bus window, ice in a glass).  
  • When the correct answer is guessed it is that person's turn to spy another example of water in one of its three states.

How long and often you play is up to you!